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'Welcome!' to our new Vicar

On Sunday December 3rd, our churchwardens announced the name of our new Vicar: Rev David King. David is currently serving at St Patrick's Church, Wallington in Surrey. Three weeks later, at our Christmas Eve service, the wardens were able to give the date of the Licensing service. 

David and his wife Katy have now joined us in Broadfield. David was licensed by Bishop Martin on Wednesday 3rd April and has begun his ministry at Christ the Lord church. We thank God for their strong sense of calling to work with us here in Broadfield and look forward to our shared future with hope and anticipation.

 Easter and a New Beginning

With Easter Sunday and the end of CtL�s vacancy (on Easter Wednesday) now behind us, we are at a New Beginning for the church of Christ the Lord. A time for each of us to renew our commitment to the Christ who died and rose again, and a new chapter in our life together as His disciples - now blessed, accompanied and encouraged by David and his family. 

"The Gospel, the good about Jesus, is so wonderful, so powerful that we don't need anything else...," writes David, in our updated In Touch (see the link above). This will be our special focus through April and May.

07 Apr  The Gospel - powerful and wonderful  Is 55:6-13  Romans 1:11-27
               Leaders - Neil & Hovan   Preacher � David King
               Followed by a Bring & Share lunch - all invited.

14 Apr*  The Gospel in a nutshell  Psalm 130  Ephesians 2:1-10
                Leader - Ian   Preacher - David King

21 Apr   God is King!  Psalm 8  Revelation 4:1-11
               Leader and Preacher - David King

28 Apr   Rebellion  Mark 7:14-23  Romans 3:9-20
               Leader - Patricia   Preacher - David King

              *Service of Holy Communion.
                Please note -
readings in italics may change.

Image:  Christians gathering by Tilgate Lake for the Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday - courtesy of church member, Peter Stroud.


Bishop Ruth's Visit

Sunday the 27th August 2023 was a special day for us. It's not often we get visited by a bishop; in fact, we don't think we've ever had a Sunday visit by a bishop in the 40+ years of our church's life.

But all that changed when the Bishop of Horsham got out of her car and greeted the person in a Hi-Viz jacket who was acting as our car park attendant. Reaching out her hand, she said, "Hello, I'm Ruth".

She radiated warmth, and hope, and encouragement before, during and after our service. Beforehand, she eyeballed early arrivers and looked around the building to get a sense of what might be possible in the future (not to criticise what happens or what doesn't).

In the service, she spoke about the value of the faith of every Christian - you can hear her sermon by clicking this link - and afterwards, stayed to chat with church members over coffee to hear their hopes and fears first hand.

When she left, something left with her; but the encouragement stayed behind. (Rom 1:12)


Saying �Goodbye!�

On Sunday 16th April 2023, we said, �Goodbye!� to our vicar � Rev. Howard Schnaar. Howard and Deirdre, with their daughter Bethany, came to us in September 2011. The years they spent with us were marked by humble service and gentleness of spirit, leaving us an example which, by God�s grace, we will be able to follow in the years to come.

Word picture - JESUS at the centre

In their last service with us, Howard and Deirdre gave the church this picture as a gift, to remind us to keep Jesus at the centre of all we do. They have moved on, but He is still with us � here in Broadfield.

Let�s keep praying for them: for Bethany, as she completes her university course in the coming year; for Deirdre, as she finds and grows into new roles in a new situation; and for Howard, in his pioneering outreach to the housing neighbourhoods in and around the town of Witham, in the diocese of Chelmsford.


For more information, please call the Parish Office or email the Vicar directly